Philodendron ‘Sodiroi’ (Philodendron ‘Sodiroi’)

149.95 CAD

Also called Silver Leaf Philodendron, ‘Sodiroi’ has exceptionally beautiful, heart-shaped leaves with distinctive silver mottling. The leaves get larger as they vine up a trellis or totem and mature leaves can reach 5-8” long. You can also grow it in a hanging basket to create a magnificent display of cascading foliage. Adaptable to many light conditions, ‘Sodiroi’ grows faster and the colors are more vivid when grown in bright light but strong direct sunlight can burn its leaves. Dry out between waterings and keep temperatures between 55-80ºF. Apply a dilute solution of fertilizer every few weeks in the active growing season of spring and summer. This rare climbing aroid is easy-to-grow and prized by collectors.