Australian Red Lime (Citrus australasica hybrid)

99.95 CAD

This rare Australian Red Lime (also known as Australian Blood Lime) is an exciting addition for any citrus lover. At only 1’ in height, the Australian Red Lime produces burgundy-red, 2” long fruit that have tiny juice vesicles inside. The flavorful juice vesicles pop in your mouth or are used in salads or drinks to provide a zesty lime taste. Australian Red Lime’s unusual color and compact growth habit makes it a wonderful potted plant. The leaves are small and the flowers are sweetly scented which is highly unusual and not your typical citrus aroma. Sweet flowers emerge in springtime and fruit follows that ripens red just in time for the holidays. Australian Red Lime is a hybrid of Australian Red Finger Lime and either the Ellendale mandarin or the Rangpur lime. This is a grafted plant that blooms and fruits sooner.