Questions and answers about accepted payment methods


Order plants, you will… but pay, you must! Are you wondering what accepted payment methods are at Ssair Plants?

Have a look below. We hope that you can find your method of preference. And if you have another payment related question? Please reach out to us directly via email, text or Facebook messenger.

What payment options do I have?
We currently accept all major credit cards and paypal for payments. Please reach out to us if you would like to pay using another method of payment and we will see if we can add it in.

Can I pay on delivery?
We don’t typically allow for payment on delivery but we may send you an invoice if you have a large business order. Please reach out to us to discuss the options.

Will my personal payment details be kept safe?
Yes, absolutely! We use Shopify’s secure payment system to ensure that all your information is kept entirely secure, confidential and safe.

Do you print out invoices?
No, all invoice details will be sent to you electronically via the email you provide.