Ssair Plants was founded to help the world both learn about and easily live a plant-based lifestyle. We have numerous online resources to help our customers prepare delicious food, learn about plant-based living, find plant-based restaurants and so much more! Ssair Plants sells pantry items, snacks, drinks, pet food, skin and beauty care products, child and toddler formula and products, and yes, plants! We also have a robust meal delivery service that includes a meal subscription program, making plant-based living easier than ever. Ssair Plants is the one-stop shop for all things plant-based, and the digital face of the plant-based community. We’re so glad that you’re here! is the easy way to shop online for exclusively plant-based products. No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s on, it’s plant-based. For our customers, this means anxiety-free shopping without having to scrutinize every single ingredient in the products that they buy. We even offer free shipping for orders above $89. is the trusted destination to find high-quality plant-based products across multiple categories.

How do I become an official Ssair Plants Affiliate?

So glad you asked! It’s easy to start earning commission for helping to drive traffic and sales through your website to Through our affiliate network partners, we’ll help by providing you with official Ssair Plants branded banners, text, and product links which you’ll be able to use on your site. You’ll have everything you need in your online toolkit to start earning commissions, and, once we process the transaction reports at the end of every month, we can ensure a fully transparent, prompt affiliate payment process.

Some helpful pointers to get you started…

  • Affiliates earn commission on products sold at (excluding delivery, taxes and returns)
  • Affiliates can take advantage of reporting and sales tracking through our affiliate network partners.
  • Affiliates will have marketing assets and creative available via the Affiliatly dashboard

How do I sign up?

Signing up to become a Ssair Plants affiliate is as simple as filling out this online form submission at Affiliatly!

We look forward to welcoming you into the Ssair Plants affiliate program – and family – soon!